To coincide with Pride Cologne this year I was commissioned by Apple to create an artwork using an Ipad Pro & Pro Create software.
The artwork was then animated into a time-lapse video, which in addition to the talk she gave on the project,  documents
fully my creative process. Additionally, the project was about how diversity and love are representative of all people.
Love as a feeling has no gender, exclusion, and definitely no preferences.


I also created a pack of stickers app, available on the Appstore. I turned my artwork into a series
of 24 cute stickers for people to use during the Pride and everyday, from smiley hearts to colorful hearts
and happy bunnies. Share the love in your iMessage by downloading the Liebe is Liebe app here!


I was then invited to give a talk and a workshop at the store, as part of the Today at Apple events.
The audience had the opportunity to hear more about my career & creative process e draw with me.